Playatech is pleased to announce the long awaited introduction of its BM06 “Green Home” Furniture Line of the Future! Delayed a year by hope and fear, the Green Home line includes everything needed to furnish a home for $500, move in one minivan load, and save the planet while you’re at it. It rocks for Burning Man too! Check it out Continue Reading

Playatech’s first ‘personal use business model’ enables everyone to build their own cool playa furniture while paying it forward to the arts through a $5 royalty to Black Rock Arts Foundation. Now we’d like to explore a ‘commercial use business model’ designed to help burning painters increase their own income, and increase the royalty flow to BRAF. Continue Reading

Burning Man LLC today announced it has awarded Playatech exclusive rights to furnish SF Decom 2005 with rapidly deployable seating. In making this award, the LLC stated a goal of ensuring comfort and community space for all participants, and cited 10 selection principles including radical inclusion, decommodification, civic responsibility, and gifting. To fulfill the terms Continue Reading

Greetings Black Rockers! Are you still sitting on a stupid folding camp chair wondering why youíre not an artist, or passing out alone on a skanky old couch you canít even burn? If so, your psyche needs Playatech, the worldís leading brand of rapidly deployable artistic lifestyles. Visit Playatech’s Black Rock Factory Showroom and Outlet Continue Reading

Playatech regrets to announce that it is taking the unprecedented step of announcing an urgent safety recall of all Playatech ploducts. Please return your Playatech creation to your nearest Playatech factory immediately to perform necessary safety modifications. According to Federal Aviation Administration officials, all Playatech ploducts were appropriately designed to resist catastrophic disintegration under normal Continue Reading

Playatech’s application for curated status is noteworthy because no one including its creators know whether Playatech should properly be classified as an art project. Unlike other Artery applications covering individual physical structures located in one place, this application is for a brand that will be marketed on-playa, and for everything under the brand’s umbrella. The Continue Reading